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Brief History of Beaufort and The Front Street Inn

Beaufort, NC Original 1712 Town Plat


Laid out and named in 1713, Beaufort is North Carolina's 4th oldest town behind 1705 Bath, 1710 New Bern and 1712 Edenton.

Farnifold Green obtained the first land patent in the Core Sound area, part of which would later become Beaufort. Many years earlier, this land had been fishing and hunting grounds to the Coree Indians. Green continued to live on his plantation north of Neuse River. In July 1713, two years after the beginning of the Tuscarora War, Green transferred his patent to Robert Turner, a merchant from Craven Precinct. A year later Green was killed on this plantation – massacred by Indians.

On October 2, 1713, after obtaining permission from the Lords Proprietors, Robert Turner hired deputy surveyor Richard Graves to lay out a 100-acre town. Turner named the town Beaufort, in honor of his friend Henry Somerset, the 2nd Duke of Beaufort. Streets were named; allotments were provided for a church, a town-house, and a market place. Slow to grow, as late as 1765 it was described as a town of not more than twelve houses.

150 years later, the circa 1851 Belcher Fuller House was purchased in 1858 by Captain Thomas Thomas, a successful merchant with his own sailing vessels. The Thomas family occupied the home until 1965 – over 100 years.

Beginning in 1986, after being owned by Jean and Copeland Kell for 20 years, together the Belcher Fuller House and the William Borden House were opened as an award-winning bed and breakfast inn known as “The Cedars.” The inn complex operated until 2006; both houses were then sold separately to new owners who continue to operate them as lodging for visitors.

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